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    The search engine works very similar to most other ones around on the net, simply type in several words associated with the domain you're looking for, and it will search the database for any matches containing the term! Please keep in mind that the search engine ONLY searches hosting companies tracked by this site, and nothing else. All domain names are listed without machine names so don't search for, instead search for or just yahoo.
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    The search engine supports the use of the '+' and '-' operators, to tell it if a word MUST or MUST NOT (respectively) appear on a page, for example, if you were looking for a page about mustangs, but not the airplane, you would type this: "mustang -airplane". If, on the other hand, you were interested in the airplane, and not the horse, you would type "mustang +airplane" or maybe even "mustang +airplane -horse". You may also give the engine an idea of whether something is part of another word by using the '*' operator, to say anything before this (*word) or anything after this (word*) is ok. For example, if you enter buck, the words Starbuck or bucket will have an equal rating; however, if you enter *buck, then only Starbuck will be returned. If you are looking for a specific phrase, then you can enter it in quotes, for example, "Howard Jones" will only return hits that match the exact phrase completely, while Howard Jones will return matches that contain both the words Howard and Jones.

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